Know Thy Voice

know thy voice plant
If there’s one thing I want to walk away from this world with, its a voice. Because if nothing else, at least its something that wasn’t there before. And who knows, maybe it’ll echo.

Sounds are wild things. Signs conveying meaning. Meaning changing our lives. What a crucial part to being human. The ability to make sounds. To communicate. Its incredibly profound that a human being can think. That we have this capacity to reason. As if that wasn’t enough, humans can feel. To be deeply rattled at the sight of the Milky Way. To feel shattered at the loss of a loved one. We think and feel so powerfully that it needs to come out of us and into the cosmos. Thus, we yearn to show ourselves. This is the role of the voice. To communicate ourselves. To become fully human. To not only have a voice, but to be a voice.

Ultimately I think this is what constitutes maturity. This is the real meaning of “growing up”. To realize the void. Then fill it. By becoming who we were meant to be, we fill this lack in the universe. If we don’t, then it stays. Because its for no one else. Another life without vitality. Another voice unheard. We strive for sameness, but desire difference. We were made for newness, but step into the shadows. Waiting for the person inside of us to speak, but fearful of what will be spoken.

Until we find our voice I think we are still children. Still taking orders, imitating others, not living in the full freedom of who we are. Yet, we are alive. And by nature we question it all. Through this our voice appears. Faintly. But its there. We live and we question. We question and we reflect. My voice is awakened, and I speak. Just as I am.

Over 2000 years ago Socrates stated one of the most profound statements in all of human history: Know thyself. To know thyself is to know thy voice. You can’t know your voice unless you speak. This is my place to speak. To somehow articulate my human experience. To voice the effect that reality has upon me. For whoever wants to listen.

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