Dance Dance Liberation

pink panther 2

The more I dance, the more I love it.

There was a time last spring where I just felt off. I was doing well in school, hanging out with friends, and working out a lot, but I felt as if I had something inside of me that needed to come out. I felt a wildness that had not been fed in awhile. I felt too normal, and needed to express stuff in my own way. Luckily the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was the following weekend, and there I discovered the cure. Sometimes you just need to dance.

Who knew shaking your butt to music could be so freeing?

There is a such a freedom to be attained through dancing in your own way. Deciding not to care what people think about you, how they are dancing, or what you look like. It’s like discovering your own language. You just let go and your body moves as if it knows what it’s doing. No need to think. You just be. In the words of C&C Music Factory, “Let the music take control, Let the rhythm move you” (Gonna Make You Sweat).

Dancing offers a special freedom that only those who dance can understand. That is one of the beauties of an art, it doesn’t necessarily make sense from the outside. There doesn’t seem to be practical applications or reasons or rules. The question arises, “why would you do that?”. Perhaps that is the meaning of it. You don’t need to. But, we get to. As humans, we can convey ourselves. The things in our interior can be made known on the exterior through expressive behaviors. We can look like drunken fools when we are totally sober. We can act like children when we are adults. We can be wild when everyone else around us is being safe. It only makes sense from the inside.


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” – Friedrich Nietizsche

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