The Reality of the Reason


Ever since man evolved into a human being he always attempted to communicate with the heavens. The divine. The One beyond the stars that guided him. Cave dwellers to city dwellers. Polytheism to monotheism,. There exists an inherent wonder about the Being behind creation. An inherent drive to seek the answer to the question: why do we exist? There must be a reason.

Israel is a location in the world in which the drama of this relationship plays out in history. A place of connection between man and God. A place of search and crying out. Where man hopes to find a reason to believe in something greater than this world. A site for pilgrims.

Pilgrims walk towards a new horizon. A thing they sense, but cannot comprehend. The are pulled by a natural attraction to the fulfillment of their desires. The answer to their questions. The reason behind their existence. Only for later. They now live in the tension of the journey. Grappling with the mystery of life. Seeking evidence, they find Revelation. The impression the Infinite left on the finite.

The Holy Land is the site of this impression.

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