Do Watcha Wanna


The New Orleans experience of Mardi Gras.

Where funky wardrobes get stained by the stench of the streets. Where you stand in front of decorated boxes on wheels and yell for plastic beads. Where you eat oysters for breakfast. Where strangers let you pee in their house. Where strangers never find out you peed in their yard. Where drive-thru daiquiris places make sense. Where live music is found on porches, not stages. Where you eat gumbo out of a solo cup. Where random people give you drinks for shaking your booty. Where rain only adds to the fun. Where brass instruments are used as decorations. Where cakes don’t have a middle. Where your voice is lost. Where you blow bubbles at marching bands. Where new laughs are discovered. Where life becomes full.

Where beads hang from power lines like moss from oak trees.

mardi gras 2.jpg

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