Double Dipping

A couple weeks ago I attended a concert by The Avett Brothers on a Friday night… the next morning I decided to go back Saturday night.

There are certain things in life that keep us coming back for more. There are two different occasions of this experience.  Unfortunately, sometimes we continually do things to satisfy some desire or ache we have and they fail to do so. Yet, time and time again we seek after these same things in hope that one time they will truly satisfy. But, these things prove to only offer a quick moment of pleasure, a temporary band-aid to an issue, etc. The cheap thrill of excitement leaves us empty because the desire of our hearts never got encountered by its object. It was never touched upon. The experience missed the mark.

Fortunately, the other occasion of this experience is when we encounter a good that touches and satisfies our desire. The thing fulfills, yet we desire to go back for more. This is the paradox of our experience. It is as if the object encounters our desire and touches it, which fulfills us to some extent, yet the contact between the object and the desire also leaves the desire and ache more inflamed. The subject is now more aware of the existence of its desires for this thing, whether the subject is consciously aware of the thing or not. The desire is awakened.

I love going to an Avett Brothers concert for many reasons, but the biggest one is the sense of togetherness felt in this particular environment. People of all ages and walks of life coming together to listen to theses talented brothers. Friday night I met a father and son in line that drove across states to come to this concert. They watched the documentary a few months ago (May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers… P.S. I highly recommend this) which randomly popped up on the dad’s newsfeed on Facebook (lol) and they immediately fell in love. They had never heard of this band or listened to a single song by them, but once they saw this film, they were hooked. So much so, they decided to travel across multiple states to see them live. Saturday night I met a pair of ladies that stood next to me for the concert and it was their 75th time seeing them live. Wowzerz. People get a taste, and come back for more. Not because it misses the mark, but because it hits it. The goodness of the music and the experience of togetherness awakens some serious desires in our human hearts. We want more, we want more.

There was one moment in particular that was tangibly powerful for me Saturday night. They performed the song Living of Love and I felt it in my bones. These lines struck me the most:


Say yes we live uncertainty

And disappointments have to be

And everyday we might be facing more

And yes we live in desperate times

But fading words and shaking rhymes

There’s only one thing here worth hoping for


No matter if an 8 year old boy heard this, or an 80 year old grandma, the truth of these words correlate to our experience as human beings. We exist in uncertainty, we get disappointed because our expectations don’t match reality, we deal with sufferings and problems, yet we stake ourselves in the hope of a greater meaning and claim that life is good. 


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