The Drop-off

The next two weeks I set off on travels to Latin America. I decided to spend a week in Mexico by myself with a family that I never met. I’m thinking of it as cultural and language immersion (really trying hard to become fluent in Spanish this year), however I think this journey is more of a personal immersion into life. I don’t need to go do this. This experience is not required. However, there is something inside of me that seeks adventure. I desire to do something on my own, where the only thing I am certain about is the inevitable struggle. The language barrier, the different culture, the traveling, the lack of familiarity in every sense. Chris Weirsma describes this desire in an article on adventure by saying we all have, “… a common longing to, at a certain point in life, pause all the standard commitments and routines, and strike into the world to do something large, spontaneous and uniquely relevant for you, and in the process, perhaps learn something about both yourself and your world.” 

What an interesting stage of my life to do something like this, something uncomfortable that causes me lots of nervousness. I am currently stepping out of my college experience and into the next chapter of my life, of which I am unsure about. I think I know the vague chapter title, but know nothing of the text itself. Here I am, caught in a time of change and transition. Into what? Who knows. Standing on the edge. This is where life occurs, in the tension of knowing and not knowing, of being but being limited. This is the only way for reality to exist. This is why it scares us. This is why I am scared to explore the edges.    

Cheers to life in all of its uncertainties and dimensions… 


P.S. After this two and a half week hiatus, I will return to regularly posting.

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