No Soft Two’s

In the game of Spikeball there is a piece of advice that benefits any team greatly that’s willing to put it into practice. The piece of advice is this, “No soft two’s”. What that means is this… You typically want to utilize all three passes with your teammate before you hit the net in order to get the defense shifting out of position. The more passes, the more unpredictable the direction of the hit. However, sometimes the set off of the first pass is too enticing and eager beavers like myself go ahead and take a swing at the ball. Typically the defense is set and ready to receive the hit, but if you power the shot and take a good swing, then the defense will have trouble handling this second shot hit. BUT, if you hit this second shot softly or try and finesse the ball to trick the other team, they will swat the weak shot in your face because they are already in position to destroy this ‘soft two’. So the rule stands… NO SOFT TWO’S.

This is the theme of our road trip. Don’t just lay up and do the ordinary or easy thing. Big risk, big reward. You could swing and miss. But you could also swing and hit the hell out of the ball. We’re over here knocking balls out of the park. 17 hours later and feeling wholesome with a side of delirium.

We started packing the car last night and expressing our excitements for the adventure of the unknown. We laughed and joked about leaving that moment instead of waiting till the morning. Then we did it. We hopped in the car and left. With no pressing reason to rush into this trip besides the desire to be wild and radical. Thus, we embarked on a 10 hour road trip at 8pm. A night filled with inside jokes, deep conversations, tear shedding laughter, and fat stogies. Arriving to our destination at 7am from driving through the night, we chose to go a little extra. We went up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and pitched our hammocks to catch some z’s for a few hours before enjoying the beauty of the day that awaited us. The golden beams of sun illuminating the luscious green rolling mountains. The fresh mountain air and sounds of critters and creatures all around you. Feeling alive. And there’s always more. Full submersion. Bathing in waterfalls and brushing teeth alongside the highway. This trip is off to a start that many outsiders would deem: irrational, weird, stupid… etc.

Living life radically different and seeking after fulfillment through adventure is a mystery. You look at it and it doesn’t make sense. You question and give weird looks. You ask, “what’s the point of that? why would you do that?”.  It’s unusual and against the ‘same old same old’. However, stepping into the experience of it provides the proof. In many ways, an unexplainable proof. A wild interior freedom and vitality. A spirit that is alive and not numb. Here we are.


“I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…Come further up, come further in!”

— C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

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  1. Dude!!! Freaking do it dawgs!!

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