Risk is Guaranteed

All pictures come from the trip… enjoy… including this artsy flower pic ^^ I didn’t know I had it in me either… you’re welcome world


Many silent moments, many conversations, and many experiences led to a lot of reflection on things that matter to me in life. Out of many of things we talked about the past three weeks on this adventure, one thing sticks out above the others. From the start of the trip to the end, there have been countless times when we did something or told someone else about something we did and the reaction was, “yall are crazy” or “why would you do that?”. From leaving on a 10 hour road trip at 8pm for the heck of it, to cliff jumping into glacial lakes, to getting an infected spider bite, to attending a USA men’s soccer game, and so much more. The desire to seek and find new places and spaces. The wonder of how going a little higher will change the view. Feeling alive and letting go a little bit more of seeking the approval of others. This trip has been about letting stuff move us. Not what others think about us, or superficial matters. But the good, human stuff in life. Like a majestic mountain, or a good honest verse from a song, or a conversation with a homeless man, or a prancing wild animal. The stuff that shakes the soul. All handmade for you and me.


We talked a lot about how what people deem as “crazy” depends so much on perspective. A lot of what we did on this trip seemed “crazy” to most people. Especially for people not familiar or experienced in outdoor activities or mountain life, it seemed really crazy. However, if you took someone that lived a life based in the outdoors, then the idea of someone sitting in an office for a 9-5 job would seem crazy to them. Risking death by scaling up the side of a waterfall, or risking death by working a job you hate. Time is precious. No matter where your existence takes place on this spectrum, risk is guaranteed.


“If you’re wild, you’re bound to die young friend

If you live in fear you’re already dead.”

– The Avett Brothers, Victims of Life



The word “crazy” originally meant ‘full of cracks’. So, to say something or someone is crazy is to say it is faulty or unreasonable. The image that comes to mind is massive boulder with cracks. These cracks signify, that is they are a sign pointing to a reality behind them, that the boulder is on the verge of crumbling. This original definition makes sense in this light. If someone or something is crazy, then it is on the verge of crumbling. Of falling apart.

However, what if these cracks are pointing to a different reality within the boulder. What if this rock is not on the verge of caving in on itself, but exploding. What if the rock is not crumbling from a lack of interior strength or solidness, but rather being stretched from a powerful force within? Here is the other view of :crazy”. Here is a different perspective. What if what seems crazy (full of cracks) contains some powerful truth inside of it? Perhaps some people that live life differently than the status quo of popular American society are onto something. Perhaps their craziness contains a truth. Perhaps these people begin to understand that existence itself is a gift that inherently is tied to a risk. A risk that anything could happen to this gift. It could be taken away, damaged, stolen, etc. This risk comes with the gift. No separation. Maybe some people accept this risk better than others, and decide to lean into the risk. Lean into the fear and discomfort. And there, on the brink of terror and loneliness, they come alive.



Quotes from the great prophets of modernity:


“Just live your life.”

T.I. , Live Your Life


“I don’t need to convince the world that I’m not crazy.”

– Scott Avett, Untitled #4

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